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Ingenieros Tenerife evaluado Opendi Santa Cruz de Tenerife

viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016

Networking in Silicon Valley - Tenerife Coworking Space in Santa Cruz of Tenerife - c./Ramón y Cajal, 47

Pablo Betancor Armas during the presentation

Intra House an important software company.
(Ver traducción de este texto en inglés tras el mismo)

I promise write in english and translate after. So excuse me my errors and incorrect expressions. Tenerife Tech Biz are presencial meetings to talk about new technologies and startups in the language of our conquers. It's also the main language in the emergent technologies. So practising has become in an usual need in all types of meetings and congresses in Spain. First with the "spanglish", now speaking in english too. Spain has few money to investigate and all the new technologies come mainly from USA and UK. So globalization has turned into economic and cultural colonization.

Is not exactly the answer to an accepted hegemony from USA and UK, it's also a way to communicate with all those people who visit and live in Canary Islands from all other parts of the world: Rumany, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, England,Venezuela, etc... . Friends from everywhere. Everybody speaks the imperial language. Is just a quality of a new group on the planet earth : The nomad entrepeneur.

You can have difficult moments with technology and the automatic translations from IBM, Microsoft, Google and others. The presence of english is everywhere. Specially in technical documentation. Knowing English gives you the opportunity to read the first documentation and be the first to share. In the Knowledge era the information is a clear advantage.

A new era had began some time ago and we are transformed from homo sapiens to homocrisis.

The new business era seems to be the more difficult one with an ever challenging Technics and the power of the big economic corporations. So in a few years the population of the oprimed and dominated countries will descend according to the present rules. Specially in Spain where the corruption is important. In Spain this process have began.

A new sophiscated form of colonization (technological automation and robotics) and a look to continents like Australia or America may give you the answer of the people left. 

Now the 85% of the business founded two years ago don't exists anymore. In a few years the panorama will go worst.

So prepare for more "efficiency" in the "I can and do not want era".

Learn english !. Speak in english !.


The meeting took place in Tenerife coworking space .
Consist in the presentation of the company IntraHouse and the invitation to assist to the local event Blue Weekend  .

But the best moments as usual are during the networking session after presentation. I enjoyed a very pleasant evening with geeks and techies mainly software developers, web developers and entrepeneurs assessment professionals. 

The moments with the swimming personal trainer of Pablo Hernández Hernández and lawer student were specially significative for me. Our future is assured by the young people. 

Good sense of humor : SaaS is Stickers as a Service

I encounter again with the excelent person and professional Luca Mossini .

I maintain an interesting conversation with Miguel V. from Venezuela.


We are prepared for the future. We love adapt to any situation and show real engagement. We can change the world and ourselves.

About Tenerife Coworking space is a perfectly prepared space to use as a shared office. Strategically ubicated in the center of Santa Cruz capital and well connected , offers the necessary infrastructures not only for technological or digital businesses, but also for traditional activities in a confortable environment opened 24 hours every day of the year.

These meeting are a good way to know the installations and the most important part : the people working in.

But remember : The reason is not enough to win a battle.  To win the elemental disposition are good tools and knowledge. Empower !.

To participate in these meetupsTenerife Tech & Biz 



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